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Will Apple Come up with a MacBook Pro that is Touch Screen?

When Apple was questioned as to why the Mac never had a touch screen back in 2010, Steve Jobs stated that the reason behind it was that was a usability fail. He went on to say that the company did do various kinds of user testing and found out that it did not really work out.

Will Apple Come up with a MacBook Pro that is Touch Screen?

When it comes to touch services, the major problem is that it did not like to be vertical. While the demo that you would get would be really good, however you can get tired in a short time and after a certain amount of time that is longer, your hands can end up getting tired. Well it just seems to be that he was right after all. When you talk about the input’s primary form, a mouse or a track pad is a solution that is a lot better.

If you compare the tablet and computer today, the distinction between the two is a little fuzzier; it is being touted at even by Apple as a complete PC replacement when you look at the  iPad Pro that comes with a keyboard.

In the future, it seems to be that the company may have plans to come up with a new touch interface which could have a power button that is Touch ID based, OLED panel for the function keys which is again touch sensitive and a lot other touch related features in the upcoming MacBook Pros.

A lot of people own the iPad Pro and MacBook Pro together and switch between the two as and when they need it. While they are at home, they may use the iPad just like a tablet, however while they are outside, a lot of them use it along with a keyboard. After all it is for the purpose and intent to use it similarly to a touch screen laptop.

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