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Google Launches New Update On iOS

Google has recently launched their update for the Apple iOS devices. Last day the update for the Google Hangout was launched by Google. Today a fresh update has also been pushed for another Google app i.e Google Photos. The update version of the app brings the version of the app to 1.12.1. The upgrade of the app has included some improvements in the visual context of the app.

Google Launches New Update On iOS

There are certain recommendations made after the upgrade of the

app which are namely:

1. Google claims that there is an enhanced and updated support for the burst photos. This is a very helpful feature for the iOS camera.

2. The latest update of the Google is a lot helpful in reducing the battery as well as the data usage of the device.

3. The time required to start the app also gets reduced by a marginal time.

Additionally Google has also added a new cropping tool to the app in their latest update. The tool allows the user to adjust the dimension of the photos. Google will keep adding the updates to their app to allow the users enjoy the seamless app experience. Google has always been adding more features for the users to help them use the app easily and effortlessly. They aim to streamline the journey of the user. The company has been working day and night to being in more and more comfort for their users. In last one decade, Google has introduced many changes to their apps for the users and now latest changes make it more convenient.

The company is also concentrating towards reducing the battery optimization of the device. The app developers are completely aware that iOS devices are always low on the power availability and it is very important for them to keep in mind the requirement of the device similarly.

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