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How iOS is Making a Difference in the Future of Smart Phones

Well in the past, if someone would have said that the features are being copied by Apple from Android and they are being brought in the iOS. This point is something that a few people may have believed, for those who may have had the thought that the iOS was being model by Apple on Android; they would have been considered as crazy.

How iOS is Making a Difference in the Future of Smart Phones

Well the announcement made by Apple about iOS10 The announcement that was made by the company on iOS10 in a good way ,has at last got us to believe the vision, that Google had seen about the smartphone future was right thanks to this admission of Apple. It is without a doubt that the iOS10 feature that has hit headlines, as far as  Google and Apple is concerned, for developers, this can be an opening of Siri.

It has been quite some time now that for Android, the Google Now has been available, in comparison to Siri, it has been considered to be better than that. This is due to the fact that it is consistently updated, fully featured and above all a lot smarter, the only functionality gap as you would say, for third party developers, would be the lack of an access point, and this would actually be like an understatement. When you talk about Siri, it still manages to hold the second fiddle due to its technological and conceptual elements.

It also seems to be that the upcoming iOS 10 is to make smartphone’s truly smart in every way. The information and things that is needed by customers, is something that has been made a modus operandi by Google has truly been a remarkable piece of work. Apple in particular has gone ahead and recognized that the future is not about about tricks of cheap technology or about how clean a design is; however it is more on the basis of how life can be made easy and how the needs are taken care of.

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