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Apple Cars VS Tesla: Things to Learn For Apple

Apple is working upon the most expensive project till date. The project is known as project Titan which is Apple’s upcoming electric car. Apple is directly competing with Tesla as a competitor. Tesla has already sold around 50,000 cars in the year 2015. There are few lessons which Apple should be learning from Tesla and they are:

Keep The Technology Simple: Apple should learn how to keep the technology simple for the  users. Apple is trying harder to keep the technology simple however they have missed some steps always. Apple should be learning on how they should be keeping their layout simple for their users. Apple should be keeping their features stand out from the others.

Be Innovative: The success of any company lies in the innovation. Apple should be broadly concentrating on the innovation of their product lines. They should be upcoming with features which are helpful for the users. One of the reasons why Tesla is climbing the stairs of the success is because they have always kept their ideology simple.

Sell Properly: Tesla does not believe in selling and targeting huge numbers. They always sell their cars in a very small number to the users. A user can be easily be able to book a drive with the retail team member of the Tesla.

Deliver In Range: Apple should be concentrating on including upgrades which sets their product far different from the nominal range of the products available in the market. Apple is not the first company in the market who is trying to deliver an electric car for the users. Tesla is already doing that very profitably. If Apple is looking to succeed then they should be touch down the anxiety of a lot of the users. Apple cars are surely not coming cheap. They need to come up with unique selling product proposition for their users.

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