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New Video Shows Lightning Port Ear Pods For iPhone 7

The latest iPhone 7 of the iPhone 7 shows the EarPods with lightning port. This is for the first time when we’re able to spot the lightning cable earpods. After the announcement of the Apple to completely wipe off the 3.5 mm jacks most of the Apple fans were shocked. Apple claimed that the technology behind the 3.5 jack is way too old and it should be completely abolished now. Apple also wanted to make their device waterproof and dustproof which would not have been possible without removing the 3.5 mm cavity from the device.

New Video Shows Lightning Port Ear Pods For iPhone 7

Apple fans are excited to find the iPhone 7 however at the same time they also expect Apple to be shipping the lightning port enabled headphones with the device. Apple has not commented anything yet. Speculation says that Apple may be providing Bluetooth ear pods however it is not confirmed yet. Based in the statistics of the Apple history, it is expected that Apple will be packing a dongle inside the device box instead of selling the dongles separately. The ear pods being shown in the video is expected to be Chinese. The details about the final project of the Apple ear pods are still skeptical. The clone of the ear pods shown in the video seems to be a cheap for and I don’t it will exactly work.

Until the iPhone 7 is officially launched in the market there is no source which can actually identify the real claim. There are a lot of blogs and videos already surrounding a lot of matter around the iPhone 7 however how many of them are true and how many of them are false is still unknown. The expected launch of the iPhone 7 is in somewhere will be very exciting to find what Apple is delivering post launch of the iPhone 7.

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