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Understanding The Basics Of The Final Cut Pro X

Ever since the Final Cut Pro X debuted in 2011, it has undergone various changes; the app which has now significantly grown up in a lot of ways has still managed to retain the entry into the process in a comparatively low barrier. This is an app that is very easy to learn and has lots of opportunities for growth.

Understanding The Basics Of The Final Cut Pro X

The basics of the Final Cut Pro X are really easy and the detailed tutorial can be found online in the form of videos and write ups. Understanding how to create Libraries and even understand how important it is. Before that it is necessary to know and understand what Final Cut Pro X is all about.

Understanding what Libraries are

The ability to organize files that is used by Final Cut pro X is of three levels. Libraries are at the top and can hold various kinds of content that can be used while working with the app. It also gives you the benefit to close or open any library and the person can have any amount of Libraries of their choice. This can be stored in the local hard drive or even if you want with the use of an external hard drive.

The connection of events with libraries

Within Libraries, there is something that is stored which is called Events. There will be one event per Library. This is created automatically when a person creates a new library. In a way you can say that these events are containers that are present virtually which help to contain all the media assets. There will also be a folder that will be called the event which can be managed by a file that contains the associated file of the database which is within the Event folder itself; a person can also dedicate a particular event for a particular project that they are working on.

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