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The New Direction That Should Be Taken By Apple

For the first time in 13 years, a decline of sales was reported by Apple recently when their overall sales quarter report. The overall sales in compared to last year had declined around $8 billion and over the past 12 months, there has been a 20% fall. Well from the breadline, that is still a long way. The offshore reserves of the company alone are around $200 billion. That is still a winning formula, and is the news that can be seen by many is also considered to be a sign.

The New Direction That Should Be Taken By Apple

This also leads to the question about what will be in store for the billion dollar business. Experts were asked by BBC, from CCS insight’s Ben Wood specialises in the scrutinising process of the tech industry. He believes that in the Virtual reality, Tim Cook, the CEO of the company had recently declared updates on the Apple car. It is believed that this was an area that had some great potential and is also proving to be extremely lucrative for Apple. Even in the Indian market, he believes that the company can set a potentially lucrative sight.

In his statement he stated that selling the iPhones in full price in India would be a tough challenge for apple, however the population scale and potential for the adoption of the smartphone can’t be ignored. Mr. Wood also argued on the fact that the company could also take on the likes of Sky and Amazon and become a major content provider.

He stated that considering the cash pile that the company has, it can easily allow the company to purchase rights on various hot content areas and major sporting events. He further stated that the company had the ability to go ahead and distribute content to the installed base that was huge of Apple device owners which can be a new direction for Apple.

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