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Apple’s Case Withdrawn From Court , FBI Fails To Prove Their Claim

The case filed by the FBI against the tech giant has been dismissed by the court of law. In the recent preceding held in the court room, the lawyers of apple asserted that FBI has failed big time in providing the necessary guidelines for Apple’s assistance in unlocking the phone. FBI took the help of the some third party intruders in unlocking the iPhone. The suspect Syed Rizwan Farook was held in the case of the mass murder and an iPhone was also recovered from him at the same time. FBI suspected to have important information in his iPhone which was later nullified after the Phone data was recovered. FBI was also said to have been paying $15000 for the one time job to the grey hackers hired by them for the job. An Israeli company which is said to be the closest to FBI was reported to have helped them however the claims were verified and said to be false. Who helped them in unlocking iPhone is still unclaimed and FBI did not share the names with media.

Apple’s Case Withdrawn From Court , FBI Fails To Prove Their Claim

In the discussion held in the court room it was clear that government lacked their own intention towards forcing Apple on allowing them with pass code for intruding in Apple’s iPhone device. The case has finally been withdrawn. Getting the assistance from Apple for breaking the phone is limited ot the search warrant from FBI. Apple has end to end encryption on their devices above IOS 8. It is practically impossible for the company as well to break the device. In the Brooklyn case, the device has IOS 7 where the company had easily extracted the data without any extra efforts however in the San Bernardino case the phone recovered was an I Phone 5c which is the upgraded version of the IOS of Apple.

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