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Apple’s 12 Inch Mac Pro Gets Latest Bluetooth Software Upgrade

Apples 12 inches laptop Mac book has got the update recently by the company. The tech giant is literally good at fixing bugs. The team of developers at Apple are said to be the best technical team in the world. They are always in motion for making spectacular deigns and improving them continuously with time. Again in the new update the company has launched a new update for nearly 157 MB where the laptop could be easily paired with the third party Bluetooth devices.

Apple’s 12 Inch Mac Pro Gets Latest Bluetooth Software Upgrade

Now the people using the 12 inch model of the Mac PC will be easily be able to connect the PC with the third party Bluetooth devices. Earlier many problems were reported while doing so. Apple isn’t a friendly device with the third party apps and gadgets. Probably this is one of the reason they have nearly blocked all third party peripherals. It is impossible to connect third party device with the Mac PC. In fact even the IOS phone even doesn’t allow the usage of the third party devices with the phone. Apart from the internal available device, the phone doesn’t have the permission to insert micro SD cards to the devices. Apple believes that with the usage of the third party devices, it becomes easier to get the access of the device and the device becomes much hackable. Any black hat hacker can easily transmit vulnerable programs in the device and can get the access of it completely. Apple is very strict while providing access of any third party device. MAC Pc has recently been updated with the permission to connect them with Bluetooth devices (Speaker, Earphones). The new update launched by the Apple should make it easier to connect and should be able to largely support nearly major Bluetooth devices across the world.

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