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What’s Next For Apple Line of Mac Pc’s After A Passed Year for Them

Apple is in all moods of updates now. After the successful launch of their iPhone Se and their 9.7 inch tablet what is next in the mind of the Apple now? It has been over a year now after the launch of their MacBook last year. Apple can’t be betting upon launching a smaller screen laptop in comparison to the 12 inch one. They have already declared their 12 inch laptop to be the best in the segment and are busy pushing of the sales too. Launching another laptop with a smaller screen could be a threat on its sales.

What’s Next For Apple Line of Mac Pc’s After A Passed Year for Them

The only option left for them is to revise the configuration of the laptop series and rebrand them for launch in the market. Apple is no mood to explore the designs of the bigger laptop. This is probably why they are into no more into bigger screen laptop. A big screen laptop is not always comfortable to carry out. It adds to weight of the laptop too making it way too bulky to be handled. There is a lot of furry around the latest updates to be done for the laptop however it is clear Apple will only bring technical upgrade to all of their models. The 12 inch mac model is said to be added with a rose gold color buy out option with metal injection technology. SIRI is also said to be added to all the mac models. This is certainly a cool upgrade for the mac model laptops. Until the final call from the company we may only be able to assume. None of us will be in a position to say what is confirmed to be launching this year under Apple’s upgrade of the laptops. Apple’s team is putting their best efforts in engineering for bringing the class apart product for their consumers.

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