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Apple Launches A Few More Apps On The App Store

On Monday, Apple made an official announcement abet a new Connect tool for iTunes which will allow developers to send various kinds of reports about the apps that are downloaded most frequently and even get notifications pertaining to emails. It will also send various kinds of data such as the amount of sales a particular app has made, the different kinds of problems, crash reports, session’s timeout etc.

Apple Launches A Few More Apps On The App Store

The email notification facility is something that has come along with the recent upgrade of the iTunes Connect tool. It will also have various other functions that can be really helpful for the users. The Analytics service is something that will be provided on a weekly basis. The recent most Web portal for iTunes Connect was known as Podcast connect.

Apple Launches A Few More Apps On The App Store

Another latest app that can be found on the App store was the recently approved FlexBright which is perfect for those who want to manage their display brightness as well as manage the temperature of their iPhone.

Apart from that, another App which is very similar to FlexBright is called as the Flux. This was initially shut down for a certain amount of time since they had violated the Apple Policy by using APIs which were private.

The FlexBright App was developed to control the brightness however it was also designed in such a manner that it comes with different features and modes. This would even include ensuring that the eye is not strained for too long by looking at the blue light. As the recent update of the app comes with a filter for blue light, it also has a changing color temperature feature which tells you what time of the day it is. This works from sunset to sunrise. There is various other setting and customizations that can be done with the app based on the user’s needs.

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