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Around 50 Million Users Of iOS Still Do Not Have Encryption Apple And FBI Are Fighting About

In comparison to finding out iPad and iPhone users, it is easy to find people who wish to share their views on the standoff between FBI/iPhone. If you look at the numbers, especially in the case when the iPhone versions is iOS7 and below, it is important to have a look at a particular comment on this front. The comment was posted by Apple’s Software engineering Senior Vice President. As per his comment he stated.

Around 50 Million Users Of iOS Still Do Not Have Encryption Apple And FBI Are Fighting About

The FBI had suggested that the iOS 7 safeguards was pretty good. They also suggested on the fact that the company should go back to the 2013 security standard of the company. The iOS 7 security at that time was a cutting edge and hackers could breach into it easy. Another worse thing is the fact that a few methods that were being used are now developed and sold into the market for those who want to attack but do not have the skills to do it.

He forgot to mention that the as per the own figures of the company. The device owners of apple are using the version iOS 7 or less. The reason behind that is because it is not wrong to trust the older handset models. The iPhone 2G, 3G or 3GS and even the iPhone 4 cannot run on the iOS 8 versions and above.

To understand how many users are represented?

For example if you take 7.4 billion as the population, the penetration of the smartphone would be around 1/3rd that would be around 766 million users of iOS right now. A per the sales figures of iPhone in March last year, it was shown by apple that by adding a couple of iPads along with a few extra sales. Around 6% of the users still have devices which are iOS 7 and less.

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