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Instagram Rolling Out Two‐Factor Authentication To Protect Users From Hacking Attempts

Instagram is known to be a form of social networking that is really popular and has more than 400 million registered users. Due to the fact that there are so many accounts, it is also vulnerable to be a target for malicious hackers. In order to safeguard the accounts that are registered with them, they started the testing phase of the 2 factor authentication. Presently this level of security is being used in many other websites and is considered to be one of the safest features.

Instagram Rolling Out Two‐Factor Authentication To Protect Users From Hacking Attempts

Post the last years testing phase, the 2 factor authentication has been rolled out by Instagram today. This information was confirmed by the reports that were released out by TechCrunch. It is said that in order to prevent accounts from being hacked, the various accounts with Instagram will have one more security layer for the safety of the accounts.

For the 2 factor authentication, Instagram is allowing the users to register a phone number which will be verified. In order to log on to the account, a code will be sent on the phone which would have to be typed by the user. This is a feature that is optional and the user can turn it off by going to the settings and manually selecting the off button.

While the parent company of Instagram which is Facebook already had this feature, the other companies that also kept this kind of security service include Snap chat and Twitter. In conversation with Engadget, a spokesperson of the company stated that the feature would take some time to disseminate but eventually it is going to be in full fledge. The official announcement of the 2 factor authentication was followed after another feature that was much awaited. This feature was pertaining to the support of users having multiple accounts. For those who want to download the software, you can get it for free the App Store.

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