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An iWatch To Control The iPhone

The Apple application, which allows the user to control the volume of their Apple smart phone by using a wireless device like a watch was recently published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark office. In simpler terms, the watch simply helps the user to adjust the volume of the notification sounds on their phone wirelessly. Moreover, the watch can also control other functions of the iPhone.

An iWatch To Control The iPhone

This type of a system is quite useful in many scenarios. For example, if a user finds himself or herself sitting at a meeting and realizing that they have forgotten to switch off their phone, or forgotten to put it in the silent mode, then the only option left will be to pull out the phone in the middle of the meeting and risk getting embraced. On the other hand, with the Watch controlling application, one can simply use their watch and change the notification settings on their phone and risk absolutely nothing. The vice versa can also be done, i.e. , if an user is any loud surrounding and wants to increase the sound of their phone, the watch will do the trick. The biggest advantage of this system is that since the Watch is something that stays on the body and in easy reach, it makes it a lot easier for the user. Moreover, all this is done automatically by the watch by analyzing the ambient sounds to regulate the notification volume.

An iWatch To Control The iPhone

At regular intervals, the iWatch collects various surrounding sound information using the inbuilt microphone and adjusts the iPhone volume of the go. This auto adjust ability can also be triggered manually by the user. Keeping this sound information as the base for all its assumptions, the application simply adjusts the volume to produce a distinct enough sound for the user to understand. Moreover, this data can also be used to locate the iPhone, i.e., if it is in the bag, or located far from the user, or buried under many items in a purse. In case a notification comes, a small signal is sent to the iWatch by the iPhone. On getting the signal, the iWatch analyses the surrounding sound and adjusts the volume of the iPhone in such a way that the user can hear it clearly and properly, without any kind of extra disturbance being created.

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