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Max Lindsey and Hillary Clinton to Co Host the Podcast Named With Her

In the United States, the election cycle seems to have heated up as Max Linsky the co-founder of Pineapple Street Media had made an announcement that, for the podcast with Hillary Clinton, the Democratic US presidential nominee, he has plans of co-hosting it. It is said that the title of the podcast is with her, this is based on the play of the campaign slogan of Clinton called I’m with her.

Max Lindsey and Hillary Clinton to Co Host the Podcast Named With Her

According the description of the podcast, the details of with her is based on the experience of being on the path that can make history. Apart from the fact that Clinton will be co-hosting, Tim Kaine, the pick for the Vice President will also appear along with a few Clinton supporters and various staff members.

We all know that it is a big deal to run for president, but through this podcast, you will get to know the thoughts and experiences that Hillary Clinton, Time Kaine the staff and supporters all share their views and experiences of the campaign which is unforgetful. In the media business, there is a long history that has been made by Linsky. He is also the co- founder of the popular app called Longform.

This is also the website which recommends and aggregates the best classical and latest nonfiction that is present online today. The focus of the Longform fiction is more on fiction content that is aggregating. Apart from that, there is also a weekly Podcast of Longform which has interviews that are featured from writers who are from the nonfiction genre. They go ahead and share their take on how stories are written by them. While the list of the noble names that have been a part of the show is very long, however a few of them would include Susan Orleans, Michael Lewis, Malcolm Gladwell and various others.

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