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Advanced Notifications of Road Closures Helps to Make Things Easy by Waze for Users

If you want to know about the holdups of the traffic en-route, then Waze is something that can surely help you out. However, a new program had been announced by the company where in Waze can be notified well in advance in case of there is a big event which can result in either a traffic jams or the access to the road being closed. This will help people to plan accordingly if they have to go on that particular route, or find alter options.

Advanced Notifications of Road Closures Helps to Make Things Easy by Waze for Users

Over the years, Waze has come a long way and is now much stronger, right from schedules for users, to a smart traffic bar and even navigation voices by celebrities. Considered as a breath of fresh air, in comparison to the other apps whose tags are largely priced, which are designed for navigation. The app is also optimized for the iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone and is a free download.

Along with marathons, major sports teams and others, for the launch of the program, there are 20 partners that will be a part of the inaugural team to kick the program off. The program will be spanning between Asia, Easter Europe, Latin America and North America. In the list of partners there are there are 5 Sports team and E15, this includes Georgia Dome’s Atlanta Falcons, FedEx Field’s Washington Redskins, Ford Field’s Detroit Lions, Nationals Park – Washington National’s, Phillips Arena’s -Atlanta Hawks. Apart from that you also have Series’ 30 global events, Rock n Roll Marathon which including Madrid, Mexico City and New York.

For the event organizers, there are no charges applicable, this was a move done in order to maximize the participation by Waze. You can get all the necessary information by logging on to the events section on the official website of Waze.

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