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Latest Features Introduced with the iOS 10 Beta 5 for Developers

The fifth beta version of the iOS10 is already available for developers not even after a week that the beta 4 versions had been released. While there have been a few changes that have come into light, while the 4the beta hit headlines when it came up with the emoji characters which was new and became very popular, it seems to be that the is no significant features that can be seen in the 5the release. However, there are a few updates and changes that have been made.

Latest Features Introduced with the iOS 10 Beta 5 for Developers

The video walk through gave us hands on experience of the various additions that have been made on the beta 5 iOS 10, this included a new sound for the lock, louder keyboard clicks, in Control center and Apple music, the icon for the music output has been changed. For the older widgets, the backgrounds have been replaced with a darker tone. Apps can now be downloaded after reboot with the Touch Id.

Even the photos app has a new feature wherein the beta 5 will go ahead and rearrange what it finds after the scanning has been done. For those who were having a problem with the smart battery case, now the issue has been resolved and the user can use it without facing any problems. In the videos that you find online, you will get a complete idea of what you can expect with the new version.

The public beta version is yet to be released, however if you look at the edition that has been released for the developers, you can see that the functionality of the iOs10 beta 5 is very similar to that of the beta 4 iOS that was released for the public. Apart from the minor tweaks and housekeeping changes, there does seem to be some more that is hidden inside and is yet to be explored.

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