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Apple Comes up with the Space Back Color Option for iPhone 7 as Per Leaks

There were a few photos that were seen over the weekend which showed that the iphone 7‘s latest color option was indeed a variation of the Space Black. This was something that had been in rumours for a very long time however, now it has been officially seen. Earlier there were pictures which showed a mute button, Sim tray and black chassis, the colors seemed to be a lot darker than the Space Gray option that could be seen in the iPhone 6s. However, it was also explained by the sources that this was something which was unclear when it comes to the pictures.

Apple Comes up with the Space Back Color Option for iPhone 7 as Per Leaks

If you look at the black color that has been offered recently, you will find that the same option is also there for the Apple Watch, however the one thing that is yet to be known is if the company plans to launch this new color alongside the Space Gray, or if they actually had plans to use this color instead of the Gray one and let this be the replacement.

One of the driving factors for the sales of the iPhone 7 could become the fact that there is a new color option that was offered by the company. This also points out to the fact that the company may come up with an update to the hardware which is said to be more iterative. By retaining the same design for the third year n0ow, the tic tock upgrade cycle of the company has been broken. This is due to the fact that the design has been retained for the third year now.

It also seems to be that Apple has plans to come up with same new features during the launch of the iPhone 7 which is said to be for the first time. Here they also plan to come up with a device that is waterproof and is similar to that of the Android phones which are of the higher end.

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