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New Updated Features for Final Cut Pro X

It is very easy for the user to accumulate a wide variety of the clips while the editing of the video projects in the Final Cut Pro X software. Thankfully a new tool which is way to handy known as Timeline Index has been launched. It will make the identifying, selecting the clips very easy for the users. The timeline is not only useful for quickly identifying the clips for the project line however it is also more capable towards filtering clips and selecting multiple clips simultaneously. For using the Timeline Index within the Final Cut Pro X, the user may click upon the Timeline Index button which is available at the left hand corner bottom of the interface of the app.

New Updated Features for Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X software includes a very important feature called the search box. The Timeline can be also used to quickly rename the clips. In case if you want to rename any specific clip, it can be also easily done. The timeline feature in the Final Cut Pro X provides some easy functionality which saves a ton of time for the user. The software is selling at once in a life time fee of $299. If you have still not used this software you should be probably look into it. The free version for a month is also available on the website of the Apple for the people who would like to try it once before purchasing.

The free versions for trail will off course be coming with some limited functionality however still a very useful product. The software is for those people who are into making of the videos professionally. The paid version of the app comprises of a lot of features which shall help you with your work. Once the life time fee is paid the app can be used for a single PC without even investing a single penny ever.

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