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iOS 10 Allows Animated GIF’s Play Automatically

The latest iOS 10 from Apple includes a lot of features which are relevantly new for the user. A lot of work has been done on the iMessage, small tweaks has also been done on the visual and other enhancements. The official blog of the Apple is highlighting all the changes done on the iOS 10 by the team of Apple. Earlier till iOS9 Apple imposed a lot of restrictions on the way the video shall be played and behave. Due to the restrictions of the Apple, many GIF were treated as videos however now Apple has enforced auto play option for the iOS10. This will be the perfect option for the animated GIF’s.

iOS 10 Allows Animated GIF’s Play Automatically

Now with the iOS10 all the websites will be able to showcase the GIF normally, they won’t require the play button for the animated element. Apple has also made some relaxations with the videos which are mute. This will prevent the video from interrupting the user while browsing content on the webpage. The user shall also feel a better experience for the animated GIF’s. The content will auto played on the webpage now in iOS10. It will be paused automatically once the user has scrolled the page up or down.

The efficient benefits now are for the animated GIF’s. They will behave as a part of the webpage and will appear more subtle for the users. Unlike in the regular case of iOS 9 where the video doesn’t play back until the play button is clicked. The details about the implementations of the feature on the page and the technical aspects can be easily found on the WebKit of the Apple. Users can also search for the latest GIF’s for sharing across the other users on the iOS 10. There is a lot of new stickers also added for the users in iMessage.

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