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Tim Cook Loves Mario! The CEO Reaches Japan, Discusses Major Plans

This game was designed to create history, the massively addictive strategy game made iPhone popular. Cook had to come here to discuss things, they can work together brilliantly. Japan has numerous opportunities; Cook will look into each one of them. The business trip will continue for some days, he will interact with major business owners. Nintendo executives have welcomed him; they want to hear about future collaboration. Apple can create future technology tools by partnering with Nintendo, they will be more than happy to help.

Tim Cook Loves Mario! The CEO Reaches Japan, Discusses Major Plans

In September’s keynote, Miyamoto suddenly came on the stage. Their latest title has enormous power, Nintendo loves this franchise. The superb gameplay is hugely addictive; users just want to finish all the levels. The integration with iPhone will bring their product to a huge audience.

Nintendo’s executives wanted Tim to test everything, the performance stunned him. The picture was shared with the world, Tim’s smile said everything. Cook took the phone with one hand and continued playing, the features were described perfectly. The release date is not finalized, testing is still going on. Android users can get the game in 2017, but it will be old by then. App Store has already started notifying users, the plans are huge.

“Super Mario” will be an iOS only game, Nintendo will make it available on all devices. The rollout is expected to be completed in 2016.Gamers don’t have to use both hands while playing it, one hand is enough. The customers who remained on Apple’s team can’t thank them enough, they are absolutely elated. Tim Cook loved the atmosphere in this wonderful place, the sun was up and the scenes were stunning. Some business icons have criticized Cook’s leadership, but he remained adamant. He knows his path and Cook will continue in that direction. Nintendo will make a huge announcement in some days; Cook is in there at the right time.

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