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Information from iOS 10

In June, Apple first announced the arrival of iOS 10 with the promise to bring revolution in the usage of iPad and iPhone. But no need to wait more, as the iOS 10 beta 7 for developers are already out and the public beta will be launched soon. More or less it is expected that the iOS 10 will be launched in or near September along with the new iPhone 7Plus and iPhone 7. According to the reports, iOS 10 will bring some major changes all for the benefit however and all the apps could be downloaded for free.

Information from iOS 10

Improvements Offered

iOS 10 can be enjoyed in iPod touch, iPad or iPhone. Its usage is restricted in old devices like iPad 2, iPod 5th gen and iPhone 4S because they lack in superfast connections. The iOS 10 has come with some novel changes and revisions since the first launch of iPhones. The lock screens of iPhone and iPad have been redesigned where the ‘home’ needs to be pressed instead of sliding option to wake the phone up. This is available in selected Android phones like Nexus 5S and Nexus 6P. This is provided with rich notifications in spite of locked screens which is a good option.

The new iOS 10 has a button by pressing which one can delete all old notifications instantly. Though the iPhones are not waterproof, iOS 10 is laden with certain softwares, which will warn the user when it detects water near the device. The iOS 10 also has live broadcasting apps via Replaykit through which gaming videos can be shared easily.


Apart from the above things there are some more features which make the iOS 10 more attractive. Siri is expected to be regarded as the third party here. There are graphical 3D touches for easy handling and the control centre can also be decluttered. So, iOS 10 definitely needs attention.

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