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Tim Cook Hosts Fundraiser for Paul Ryan

The CEO of the Apple, Tim Cook is likely raising the fund raiser for the Republican Party’s House Speaker Paul Ryan. According to the reports published in the Politico, Apple wants to strengthen the relations with key Republicans. Tim Cook will be helping in cash generation to the republican’s during the session of the private breakfast scheduled for June 28 in Menlo Park, Calif.

Tim Cook Hosts Fundraiser for Paul Ryan

The breakfast will be accompanied by the company’s treasurer, Gary Wipfler. The money gained from the event will help the republicans to elect the other house republicans. The reports published in the Politico, says that the fund raising event is being hosted by Tim Cook and not the Apple. The company does not have any political action committee like other rival companies like Google, Facebook, etc. in the Silicon Valley. The big dollars of the Apple business is more likely to help the republicans. The Republican party holds the majority of the seats in United States for both House and Senate. The state governors are in majority from Republican, around 31 in numbers.

Tim Cook is working on some of the progressive issues like environmental efforts and the equality in marriages being held in United States. Tim Cook has hosted similar events earlier too for Republican Senator Rob Portman. Earlier this year some heat was faced by Apple due to  their policies on the encryption of the iPhones. After the San Bernardino case in United States, Apple faced a heated debated on their encryption policy. All the devices of the Apple are encrypted which protects anyone to peep into the device and crack the data. Upon being approached by FBI for seeking help, Apple reportedly said no towards helping them and finally some third party hackers were hired for the job. In one of the secret meetings attended by Tim, the agenda of Tim Cook is to stop Donald Trump from winning the presidential elections.

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