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Non Retina MacBook Pro Being Pulled off by Apple from the Displays of Their Retail Store

The 13″ MacBook Pro which is non Retina is being removed by Apple from the floors of their stores. This could indicate that the company has plans to phase out the product. It was discovered by Appleinsider that there are plans to come up with the optical disc drive.

Non Retina MacBook Pro Being Pulled off by Apple from the Displays of Their Retail Store

There are some stores that do not carry the product anymore, even though it may be available to buy since the computer is still in stock. The tip that Appleinsider had received and went ahead to follow it up with checks so that it could be confirmed.

In one of the Apple stores located at Austin, it was confirmed by a clerk that the non Retina units had been pulled off from the store’s showfloor. It was also confirmed that other stores were also planning to do the same thing.

Considering the fact that since 2012, the computer had not been updated, it does make sense to have a phase out. This can also mean that the upcoming Retina models may just be upgraded by the company. Apart from the MacBook air, The Retina display comes with all the major products of Apple.

In the sales and marketing, the no‐Retina Pro has been marginalized by the company. IF you look at the page for the Pro on Apple store, the model can be located right at the bottom. What is even worse is that in the main product page of Apple, there is no mention about it. In one of the Apple Stores located at New York city, a clerk had even went on to put the point across that the non‐Retina system is soon to become outdated, in order to help save money, it would be more sensible to opt for a Retina that is refurbished. It is believed moreover, that Apple has been working on the redesigning of the MacBook pro.

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