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iOS 10 Beta Already Jailbroken

It seems to be that the iOS 10‘s first beta has managed to already hit the hands of the developers who seemed to be really excited; however it seems to be that iH8sn0w who is an iOS hacker has already gone ahead and created the first jailbreak. The proof of it has already been posted online. It was also hinted by iH8sn0w about his jailbreak ability to the new OS of the mobile He also went on to tweet that iOS 10 does not crash due to Cydia. In his latest video, he went ahead and showed the iOS 10 being jailbroken and an iPhone 5 was used to run it.

iOS 10 Beta Already Jailbroken

Given the fact that the recent jailbreak that he has come up with is running on a 32 bit device which is older, it can be assumed that the jailbreak he has come up with may not really work on devices on newer 64 bit such as the iPhone 6s. However not just iH8sn0w , but even the other jailbreak community members may just gain by developing an iOS 10 jailbreak which is said to be universal down the line.

It is yet to be revealed if he has any plans that the jailbreak would be with him or would be released, this is considering the fact that in a few months time, the iOS 10 is all set to be released. Well there are hopes that the company may just be able to go ahead and plug in a few vulnerabilities just before the launch, this would mean that the weakness which has been exploited should also be included.

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