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Could the iOS 10 Integrated VoIP Support May be the End of the Voice Plan

Back in 1980’s the mobile phones that were truly introduced at that time was only meant for making phone calls, in 1994, a revolutionary idea was introduced by carriers about sending text messages by through the mobile phones. Well before the mass marketing really took off, it was quite some time after that.

Could the iOS 10 Integrated VoIP Support May be the End of the Voice Plan

Coming back to today, for a lot of us, the least thing that is on our mind is making calls from out phones. Even when it comes to a voice call, VoIP apps such as Skype or Facetime is preferred.

Well the iOS 10 is said to make that behave even more like for more people. Effectively, the VoIP API now allows various apps such as Facebook calling, Whatsapp, Viber, Skype and other such apps to be deeply integrated into the iPhone app on its own.

During the keynote, on the stage, an example was shown for which there is also a video online. A Whatsapp incoming call was shown on the lock screen the very same way a normal call would appear on the phone. The point here is that the method we use for answering the call is still the same way even though we may use various ways to make one.

In the same case, when it comes to an outgoing call, all the VoIP apps that we prefer are backed into the contact list, this also includes making a call on facebook which can be easily done like the phone call that we make conventionally.

Even the voicemail feature is now not used as much, this is thanks to the feature of the voicemail transcription, by the way things seem to be going, it looks like very seen the voice plan will not be needed, and it seems to be that the day may just be nearing soon.

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