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Metal Detectors Seemingly Being Installed at WWDC as Tim Cook Acknowledges Orlando Tragedy

Orlando tragedy acknowledged by Time Cook and WWDC entrance installed with metal detectors The entrance of the WWDC has been installed by Apple with metal detectors; this was seen in the various photos that were tweeted. It is said that this was the first time; the company had made such a move. Even Tim Cook, the CEO of the company supported the families and victims of the Orlando Shooting through the various tweets he made.

Metal Detectors Seemingly Being Installed at WWDC as Tim Cook Acknowledges Orlando  Tragedy

For the WWDC event, this was said to be the first and even the additional security that was in place was also due to the recent events that took place in regards to the various mass shootings that was happening. Over the weekend, an Orlando gay nightclub had become the target from one gunman where 50 people were injured and 49 were killed.

During Ramadan, which is a Muslim festival it is believed that various attacks have been called by the ISIS which is a well known terrorist group on the West. In the tweet by Tim Cook, the comment he made was like a response to the killings and the tragedy was acknowledged by Lisa Jackson and Phil Schiller.

Tim Cook‘s statement stated that their hearts went out to all those who became victims of the tragedy that struck Orlando as well as to the families and the various people who were grieving for their loss. Phillip Schiller’s statement went ahead and stated that the prayers and thoughts were going out for all who have been dealing with the Orlando tragedy today.

Lisa P. Jackson’s statement stated that violence should be stopped as well as hatred should be ended, she went on to say that for the sisters and brothers of Florida, she prayed for the peace. Of all the victims who were part of the mass shootings of both the places in US where it took place.

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