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Survey States that iPhone Success Rests with Siri

A survey was freshly published just before the Worldwide Developers conference of Apple suggesting the various updates towards the virtual assistant Siri as well as unlocking the software development kit of the digital assistant. This can also be the key faction in the iPhone adoption in future. Another topic that is of keen interest is in regards to the sales contract of the first ever handset of Apple.

Survey States that iPhone Success Rests with Siri

In the pre‐ WWDC survey, around 42% iPhone owners had indicated that they may kind of consider purchasing the next iPhone; this is provided there is a vast improvement in the choice recognizing assistant of Siri. The various innovations of Siri are likely to be announced by Apple. This also includes highlighting the SDK release of Siri which is said to be the first during the developer’s conference.

It is also believed that it may be unlikely that Siri alone can drum up the sales of the iPhone above the expectations; however, the survey did show that around 24% of them wouldn’t mind buying the upcoming iPhone. Fluent’s CMO, Jordan Cohen had told Appleinsider that in order for Apple to recapture, the wow factor would be needed and in television and automatic markets, they need to move more aggressive. In compar5ision to Alexa‐level and Amazon Echo, the excitement may not reach surrounding Siri’s SDK.

Around 87% of the users of iPhone are loyal to the brand; this was the count that had been seen by Apple. There were indications made in the survey about the percentage of users who had stated that, for their next upgrade, they d not mind buying the upcoming iPhones. There was also an approximate figure of 13% retention rate which was said to be higher than that of Android. Alongside improvements on watch OS, tvOS, Mac and iOS, the company has also made various developments towards Siri.

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