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New Patent of MacBook Pro Shows Possible Cellular Connectivity Feature

It was reported earlier about the MacBook Pro refresh that is upcoming would have a design which is thinner, above the keyboard was an OLED touch bar and the support for the Touch ID. One of the requests that have been longstanding by the users of MacBook was pertaining to the cellular connectivity as an option and by the looks of it, it does see, to be that it may just be a step closer.

New Patent of MacBook Pro Shows Possible Cellular Connectivity Feature

Patently Apple noted that recently, a patent was granted to Apple in regards to the cellular connectivity of the MacBook. While this is not the first time such whispers have been heard, as it is believed that the company has been working on the MacBook that also provides the cellular connectivity. A 3G connectivity enabled MacBook Pro was released in 2011 while in 2007 there was one which had a slot for a sim card which was also available on eBay on auction by a seller who had claimed that the prototype model was an unreleased one. However this leads to the question if the company is finally actually considering this feature to be added onto their MacBook.

The patent that Apple was granted was specifically for an electronic device that had cavity antennas and dual clutch barrel. There was also a diagram that as the company had submitted in along with the patent which was depicting of the MacBook. In the filing, it was noted by Apple that the electronic device should be included a circuit for wireless connectivity just like the one that was seen in the diagram. One of the things that Steve Jobs was never in favour for was about having a cellular MacBook introduced as he felt that another lawyer of complexity would be included to the buying process of the laptop.

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