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Tim Spoke With Neelie Kroes in an Exclusive Interview Fest

Tim Cook was recently seen in a startup fest where he was seen talking and discussing a lot of issues. Tim recently gave an interview to Neelie Kroes for discussing the influence of the Apple on entrepreneurship culture and the upcoming startups. Cook was seen talking about a lot of the topics in the interview.

Tim Spoke With Neelie Kroes in an Exclusive Interview Fest

He spoke about the role of entrepreneurs, the app store of the Apple, startup culture in Europe, economic optimism, Ed‐tech, Apple Watch and a lot more. It was a very diverse interview by Tim which is surely worth while listening. Tim says that Apple would like to give an opportunity to all the developers of the apps via their platform. He wants them to come and sell their apps via Apple store. In a nutshell Tim boosted developers and the entrepreneurs to build their apps on iOS platforms.

Apple is also kick starting their own app development center in Naples to help the app developers who are facing challenges. Tim said that the entrepreneurs should focus more on their product. They should aim to lessen down the friction by greasing the functionalities of their product. Cook also discussed about the impact of the Europe in the business sector. He said that Europe has always helped a lot of institutions Cook also spoke about his plans of investing in Europe. He clearly mentioned that he does not see any issues with spending in Europe and their businesses.

Cook told in the interview that healthcare today is in huge demand and is a big issue for a lot of people too. This is probably the area where Apple would like to work upon. Tim responded to the “old remark” on Apple of Closed platform by saying that Apple has close to 2 million apps in their app store now. Tim said at the last that today Apple is diversifying themselves as a company for the people. They want to expand into new products.

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