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WhatsApp Planning To Launch Web App for Windows & Macintosh Platforms

The team of WhatsApp is finally setting to launch their app for the Windows and Macintosh platforms. The plans of the team are still not clear that if they are literally looking to develop a separate app for both the platforms when the web version of the app is already available. WhatsApp today has grown in a billion people network. People all around the world have cherished the platform for its simplistic design and no ad policy. WhatsApp never showcased any advertisement on their platforms just to protect the privacy of the people.

WhatsApp Planning To Launch Web App for Windows & Macintosh Platforms

They understand their responsibility and always wanted to secure the phone number and the important messages of the people flowing through their app. This is also one of the reasons why WhatsApp never published any advertisement. After being acquired by Facebook, WhatsApp has induced a lot of changes in their platform. They have recently upgraded the platform with end to end encryption which means that from now no one will be able to track the message flowing on the platform. It is only the sender and the receiver who may know what kind of conversation has happened between the two.

Couple of years’ back partial encryption was applied on App making it slightly difficult for the hackers to crack on the message however now with complete encryption being applied none one can even think about cracking the platform. Ever since the app has been launched there has been n number of updates applied to their app. The founders are still not sure about launching a stand‐alone web app. They are still wondering about the pros and sons. Last year, the company allowed people to use Whatsapp on their computer devices by scanning the QR code. While most of the people have used the service however it had not been much useful for all, probably this why WhatsApp founders wishes to now launch a separate web app for the people to make their lives easy.

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