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Expansion Of Services Like Apple Maps Flyover and Traffic Is On A Brisk Pace By Apple

The popular Apple Maps Flyover has been expanded by Apple with two new cities coming onboard the list. The Spotlight Suggestions has been rolled out to a few new countries as well as at a single new location the traffic data also has been rolled out. The traffic data, Flyover and Maps nearby had been expanded by the company last months with a couple of locations that was added on. This year in February, a flyover expansion which was more significant had occurred.

Expansion Of Services Like Apple Maps Flyover and Traffic Is On A Brisk Pace By Apple

The iOS 9 feature of the Flyover is now available in Mexico’s Puerto Vallarta, Ohio and Akron. With this the total number of locations for the Flyover feature has summed up to more than 260 cities. This feature has been expanding at a brisk pace by the company.

The Spotlight Suggestions also has been expanded by the company with three more countries coming onboard. The feature is now open in 19 countries which include Sweden, Norway and Denmark. For those who are unfamiliar, the Spotlight suggestions offer some useful information and locations with the help of Maps, the App store, iTunes and even if the user do a search with a particular keyword or name.

The Apple users who wish to gain access to the traffic data when they are in Thailand can now do so. With the expansion that has happened recently, the Traffic data’s grand total of where the feature is available has reached 34 countries. This is a feature that the company has come up with to help people who want to know the traffic status and also want to know where road work, constructions are happening or if there are any wreaks that is the result of slow moving traffic. If a person wants to have a look at specific country or location information from the various services on the iOS 9l Siri or even Apple Maps, it is now possible.

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