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The Dux ‐ Rugged And Lightweight iPad Pro Case With A Holder For The Apple Pencil

Ever since the launch of the iPod Pro the case would be an obvious even to use a pencil, a third party accessory would be used. Even months down the line, the number of cases for the iPad Pro which has a good compatibility with the Apple Pencil is still small. This also means that you still have not lost the chance to look out for a case for your iPad Pro that also has a special holder for the Apple Pencil.

The Dux ‐ Rugged And Lightweight iPad Pro Case With A Holder For The Apple Pencil

Well one of the options that you do have open would be priced at $59.95 and is called the Dux. This is a lightweight case which is perfect for your 12.9″ iPad and provides the some kind of protection from bangs and drops. On the side there is also the holster for your Apple Pencil. This is refreshing due to the simplicity however it also has a few shortcomings to it.

What you see is what you get; well this is exactly what the Dux is all about. There is a rubberized frame which is very simple and back protection that is sea through and is clear. This will help you to protect your iPad from the side dents and scratches as well as it have even special squishy holes and openings for the various ports, camera and buttons that need to be functional without any problem.

The plastic of the case is thick and transparent which may end up getting scratched however your iPad will be safe even though it does not match up with the protective shells that are fully fledged rugged. This is a case that is lightweight it is very convenient to use and your iPad can also be removed easily whenever you need it, this is also the case for the Apple pencil.

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