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Microsoft Targets Apple’s iPad Pro’s Claims by Giving Back in the Form of a New ad

Soon after Apple released the latest ad which was focused on position that as a fully fledged computer, the iPad Pro could be used, the latest ad of Microsoft was like a hit back wherein it was suggested that just with an addition of a keyboard does not mean that it the comparison can be to the Surface tablet.

Microsoft Targets Apples iPad Pros Claims by Giving Back in the Form of a New ad

Just like the usual way, to show a conversation, a format was used between Cortana and Siri. In the ad, there was a party thrown by the iPad in celebration of its keyboard, on the other hand, it was pointed out by Microsoft towards the Intel Processor i7m Ms. Office’s full version, external ports and track pads of the service.

In a post, it was stated that something cannot be called as a computer just because it can fit a particular description. Cortana is aware about the Surface Pro 4 is powerful thanks to core processor or Intel, a track pad, a keyboard which is detachable and has real keys, a touch screen, external ports and a complete office is what fits a description. The late arrival to the party would be everything else.

Just like always, the advertisement tone seemed to be a little desperate during the time when the Surface was being outsold by the Apple’s iPad Pro 12″ which was said to be the most expensive. The bashing of comparison ads from Microsoft initially started in 2013 when Windows 8 was launched. It seems to be that in order to revive the efforts, the company is doing the same thing now and the latest target is the iPad Pro.

In the latest commercial of the iPad Pro that Apple had released, they wanted users to believe that it could be used as a proper computer. Well it seems to be that Microsoft is totally prepared to debate on the claims that are being made by Apple.

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