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Apple’s iWatch Review First Year Completion

When Apple launched their first Apple watch as a part of their wearable technology, it seemed that it would be changing life. The device will be making the life of the people better and healthier than before. It has been more than a year now that the first Apple iWatch has been released. What people have to say about it? Let us find out how many of us are actually content with I watch and if they are what is the reason which has made them happy?

Apple’s iWatch Review First Year Completion

Most of the people who bought the device a year back feel that device is useless and their money went into pit hole after putting money on this device. They could never figure out the most primitive usage of the Apple I watch. The claims of the company towards the gadget were  all forged and this is probably one of the reasons why Apple could not succeed in making profit from the device. Apple’s iPhone was the game changer device. People have a thousand good things to say about it. They find themselves related with the device.

They have made a special place for the device in their lives however what about the iWatch? Most of us could not figure out the exact usage of the watch. What made Apple design it? What was the prompt behind the launch? Why did they bring it into the market? If at all someone’s iPhone is lost, they will panic and will immediately bring it to the notice of the insurance company for the immediate replacement however what about their wearable iWatch? Most of us won’t bother at all. We are wearing it just for the sake of putting it because we have spent on it. Just because we have our money of it, so it is with us today. No other attachment is with it.

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