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Apple’s Finally Working On Design Of Their Own Speculated Car Now

Apple wants to storm everywhere. After coming into phones, laptops, software’s, iPods, what probably next for them? Is it a car? Is apple planning to design a car too, yes it is correct actually they are trying to come a design for their Apple cars in market now. Apple is roaring the market already with their super awesome league of hardware units. They have not been touched down yet by any other company in their hardware product. Apple is so far the number one company in whatever they been doing however designing a car seems to be a distant dream for them.

Apple’s Finally Working On Design Of Their Own Speculated Car Now

Apple’s team is currently working on their speculative design of the car. The idea is proposed however nothing is officially confirmed about production yet. The car is merely getting sketched and ideas are being collected from the market. The how and whereabouts of the car design is not making it much favored in market. After the sketches being available online the reactions of the people made it look funny. Nearly none of them have appreciated the prototype of the design. It is actually ugly and way beyond the actual design of the car.

The design looks a pure shame to the world’s biggest technology company. They could have done better than this surely. The design of their proposed car is far from reality and definitely not appealing as a car. Apple should be taking some tips from the actual car designers and see how actually a car looks an how it is meant to be looking. Apple’s car is nothing else than a bundle of shame for the company. We hope Apple is not seriously launching the design they have shown. It would be a perfect disaster in the name of the company else. Apple should fix the design ASAP if they really want into car manufacturing too.

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