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Apple And Inspur Working Together For Apple’s In‐house Storage And Networking Equipments

It has been reported that Apple is working on a way to bring an infrastructure for the in‐house cloud services. In order to do that, the company has been working along with a Chinese vendor called Inspur with is a leading server vendor company in China. As of right now, the company presently relies on third party cloud hosting companies for its needs. Right now it is the capacity is being provided currently by Amazon and Microsoft web Services, it is also believed that Google also has joined the roster.

Apple And Inspur Working Together For Apples In‐house Storage And Networking Equipments

Now the company is planning to work on developing a data network of it’s on as well as an infrastructure while working on a project that has the codename of McQueen. It was also reported recently that another significant consideration of the company is pertaining to Security. The concern of the company is in regards to the fact that the servers that it’s receiving may from third party vendors may be tampered before it was delivered.

As per the report from Digitimes, there are a lot of details that is not available, however as per what has been said Inspur has been given a lot of credibility and in the Chinese server market, the company is said to have around 60% share as well as it has a lot of big names as its clients. Last year in the month of May it was first reported that the company is planning to upgrade the cloud servers. The following month after that, even Bloomberg had reported the fact that company was working towards coming up with its own network equipments and storage. It is also working on way to build its own fibre optic links instead of it relaying on third party companies exclusively for its networking and storage requirements.

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