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No Disclosure! FBI Will Never Share This “shocking” Secret With Apple

One simple iPhone and a million controversies started from it. FBI needed a spark to light up a huge fire and this device perfectly served the purpose. The actual case got suppressed and this encryption issue got the most amount of attention. The effectiveness of the suspect’s phone was very low and people somewhat predicted that. The shooters destroyed all kinds of evidences, but mysteriously left this phone untouched. No information was found and the drama seemed pointless. But FBI shifted everyone’s focus to security issues and people couldn’t ignore that. The phone’s secret value was cryptic, but FBI never cared about anyone here.

No Disclosure! FBI Will Never Share This “shocking” Secret With Apple

Snowden has been talking about information banking for years and only now this matter became public. Information knows no laws and every tiny bit is important. It may be helpful for solving a case or it may be trivial, data is highly precious. Once FBI captured the control button, they directed the information flow and told people only a small part of the big story. Apple’s failure is bigger because, all tech companies are worried now. They felt helpless and followed the orders. Viber took a precautionary step and introduced encryption, but the damage is already done. Apple knew things will only become tougher for them; still they went on protecting the people.

Their analytical methods are mysterious and it went on for a long period of time. The useful part was stored, while the public announcement was totally different. Once FBI got the upper hand, they never gave Apple any advantage whatsoever. These investigations need time and the correct time has not arrived. Investigators are solving logical leads and trying to search for valuable information, but the phone’s architecture didn’t help them. FBI avoids public discussions and their approach is extremely professional here. While handling new technology, new strategies are required, FBI is doing that.

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