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Apple’s Consumer Willing To Spend More, Says Report

Apple is getting richer quarter by quarter. According to a published report in a national new paper, Apple’s reserve in 2014 had more funds than USA capital reserve. It could be shocking for most of us however it is true. As according to a latest study on the consumer behavior, it has been estimated that apple consumers will double their spending on Apple products now which means the company shall be making double revenue and higher profit margin from now onwards.

Apple’s Consumer Willing To Spend More, Says Report

Apple offers a wide variety of products ranging from IPod, IPhone, iPad, Macintosh personal computers and laptops, etc. Kulbinder Garcha, Credit Analyst undertook an analysis on Apple and found a record rise in their gross profit. It has been found that their profit has risen from 3.2 billion in 2010 to 14.5 billion. The profit of the company is estimated to be doubled by 2020. Garcha also analyzed that the average spending of a user on Apple will also rise from $61 to $113 which means roughly an increment of 85%. After their successful leg in electronics, Apple is all set to expand in new segments of business for example: They have been planning to enter media streaming on television. Unquestionably the major chunk of profits in Apple’s revenue is from their hardware sales however now they are in complete mood to try new avenues of business.

Apple’s sale for IPhones is also expected to touch the sky high mark. With the successful launch of series 6 phone, the company has anyways seen a good hike in their business. Company’s CEO Tim Cook said that he is happy with the growth and performance of Apple however now he is simultaneously trying to play with services, installations and software services for focused revenue from these channels. He wants to focus & equally weightage on alternate channels too now.

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