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Microsoft Is Pro‐Government, Unlike Apple

Everyone knows about the basic issue of the case going on between the United States Government and Apple. It is regarding the fact that the Government investigating body, FBI had ordered Apple to provide them with a custom made OS which will help them to break open the security system of any Apple iPhone they want. Apple denied complying with the order as they are not prepared to give such a power over to the government as it would mean the government having power to encroach into the private lives of the citizens of the country.

Microsoft Is Pro‐Government, Unlike Apple

Apple’s top competitor, Microsoft seems to be on a totally different page. They are absolutely open to provide the government a program which will allow the FBI to break open any Microsoft security on a smartphone. According to the public blog forum, TechInAsia, Microsoft has recently launched a unique version of its Windows 10 only for China, named Windows 10 Zhuangongban. This special version of the Windows 10 OS is supposed to contain top level management systems and also security control systems. No detailed news about the OS is available to anyone but there are a few rumors about the OS.

According to TNW, Microsoft has actually agreed with the Chinese government and provided them with this new version of the Windows 10 OS which will allow the government to keep an eye over the country’s technology usage. In much simpler terms, the OS will help the Chinese Government to keep an eye over their citizens’ private life and network. In the case of FBI and Apple, the former has got hints of some assistance from a third party. If the third party is able to hack into the iPhone 5c mentioned in this case, FBI will not need Apple anymore and the case would end immediately.

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