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Apple Supports Rivals Microsoft In Their Latest Release

The all‐time rivalry between Apple and Microsoft is known to all. The two giants of the technology world are always competing against each other to get the largest market with their products. Starting from the marketing of the Mac and Windows PC to the iPhone and Microsoft phones, they have always tried to overdo each other and gain the higher ground. In a recent event, Apple actually made an announcement which is a contradiction to the whole rivalry system among the two companies. According to the recent reports, Apple officials actually recommended users of the new 9.7 inch iPad Pro to use Microsoft Office 365 as accessories on their iPads.

Apple Supports Rivals Microsoft In Their Latest Release

Moreover, the Apple Store also recommends the rival product as one of the best to work with in an iPad. It has not only come as a surprise to everyone, but has also remained a secret as to when and how this started. According to the Verge, the Apple Store recommends the rival product not only for the new smaller version of the iPad Pro, but also the larger versions like iPad Mini 4, iPad Air 2 and many more. Although something out of the blue, the change is really surprising since it actually hurts Apple in two ways.

Firstly, the products Apple has of their own, iWork, along with Keynote, Numbers and Pages are provided free to the iPad users but still the company is recommending the rivals software package, Microsoft Office 365. Secondly, Apple is also providing the buyers of their new iPad Pro with a subscription to Microsoft Office 365, although Microsoft allows iPad users to have basic viewing and editing for free. Although very much visible on the US web site Apple has, the UK site still does not have any such recommendations.

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