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The Key Points Of Apple vs. FBI Hearing

Finally, the time has come for the United States Department of Justice to decide if there is any need of Apple to help FBI unlock the iPhone used by the shooter of the San Bernardino case. On the hearing held on Tuesday among the two parties, there are a few things which will have the ultimate effect over the judge’s decision.

The Key Points Of Apple vs. FBI Hearing

Here are some of the main factors which will play the most important roles during the judgment:

· First and foremost, the judge for the trial is the one who was responsible for the court order given to Apple in the first place. Thus, it can easily be stated that Apple will have to fight an apparently losing battle. Although the judge had all sorts of arguments in the form of writing, siding with Apple would mean changing her initial decision, which might pose to be a matter of ego for the judge.

· This isn’t all of it. The case expands way beyond the district magistrate. It is quite evident that no matter what the result will be in, the losing side will go ahead with an appeal in a higher court. Thus it can be stated that issue won’t be resolved any time soon.

· The polling showed that most of the citizens of the United States have taken Apple’s side, whereas a relatively lesser amount sided with FBI. This public support will play an important role in the case, and will definitely favor Apple.

· The arguments of the two parties will be the ultimate factor in deciding the case. The main argument the government is looking to produce is based on the All Writs Act. Apple on the other hand is basing their arguments on the privacy issue and the fact that the government will gain more power over its citizens than it should be allowed.

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