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Apple TV Has New Sonic Game

Sonic the Hedgehog was one of the most popular cartoon characters there was. In some parts of the world, Sonic, the super speedy Hedgehog, is still a popular character with his goodies as well as games selling like wildfire. At the cost of just $2.99, tvOS app store now has Sonic the Hedgehog in their app library. The release of this game was actually a long time back but finally it was launched on the Apple tvOS. Though created by Apple, Apple’s Sonic the Hedgehog game is almost similar to the original Sega version of the game.

Apple TV Has New Sonic Game

Although the game’s screen play and main objectives remain the same, a number of features have been added and removed in order to optimize the game for the Apple TV. Due to this optimization, the game supports not only the new age fourth generation top level Siri Remote, but also the new age gaming controllers made specifically for Apple TV. The release of the latest version of the game, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 was done on 24th March. On the other hand, the CD for the same will appear in the market on March 31st. Another very popular iOS based game has been recently optimized and converted in order to make it useful on the Apple TV.

The Trace, name of the popular iOS game, was developed by Relentless Software. With the release of the new Apple TV announcements for expansion of thetvOS app library, the company has created a Apple TV version of the game. The TV version of The Trace has been launched recently in the market and priced at $1.99. According to sources, this is a lower price than the original iOS version of the game. Thus, it can easily be speculated that the price of the game will increase shortly, but no one can say how fast.

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