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Apple Sees A Slow Growth Rate In The Smartphone Market Of China

The research notes that was made by a firm which was keeping an eye on the sales of Apple’s iOS in China stated that this quarter the growth rates for the year over year has seem to slowed down with this year being the lowest sale levels of the company. As per that was revealed, it is said that the Chinese customers are waiting for the deals that will be available during their New Year.

Apple Sees A Slow Growth Rate In The Smartphone Market Of China

Kantar’s Chief of Research, Carolina Milanesi stated that when they had an individual look for the past 3 months, it was found that the month of January was said to be the month that was the weakest for the company especially when it came to the sales in china. The market was owned by apple when you look at the device basis thanks to the iPhone6 / 6s / 6s plus as they fell in the range of the smartphones that are considered to be best selling.

In 2nd place we had Huawei which was 24.3% and Xiaomi stood 3rd with a sales percent of 10.2%. On the other hand, in comparison to the Android phone, Apple was far behind as the market share for Android was 73.9%. The burgeoning market was dominant consistently by the operating system of Google thanks to the overhead of low licensing in comparison which allows the production by OEM locally of phones that are low costing. The Apple share in January in the smartphone market of China as per Kantar was at 27.1% with all the three top spots were taken by the iPhones.

Apart from China, the sales decline is for the first time by the company ever since their phones were launched. The December ending quarter showed a sale record of 74.8 iphone units which ranked a profit of $18.4 billion along with revenue of $75.9 billion.

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