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If Apple Does Not Comply With The Order, They Will Need To hand Over Information To FBI

The latest news regarding the San Bernardino case saw Apple and FBI being put in the hands of a Congress board and in turn, the public of the United States of America. The last report stated that in a poll taken by the public; both the companies had almost equal number of people on their sides. On the other hand, a new development has come up. Christopher Soghoian, the principal technologist of ACLU as well as one of the fellows visiting Yale School of Law, has recently shown us the latest filing drawn by the DOJ regarding the San Bernardino case. According to the filing, if finally Apple denies creating the special version of the OS running the iPhone involved in the San Bernardino case, they will have to hand over the source code, as well as the signature to the coding of the iOS chip of the iPhone.

If Apple Does Not Comply With The Order, They Will Need To hand Over Information To FBI

The main issue had risen hen Apple denied to comply with the court order which stated that the manufacturers of the iPhone will have to hand over a special version of the iPhone 5c iOS which will enable them to unlock the phone using brute force method. With the new filing that has come up, the government is actually trying to make Apple understand that if they are not willing to give up the special OS, they will have to provide the government with something which can result in a worse situation.

With the source code as well as the signature, the FBI will not only be able to bypass the security themselves, but also have a much powerful access to the iPhone iOS. As the days go by, the war between Apple and FBI is turning worse, with both parties playing hardball to win.

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