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Tim Cook May Face Jail Time Due To Refusal Of Cooperating With FBI

The recent disputes between the Apple and the FBI have now taken a new turn. It is believed that due to the fact that the company’s CEO, Tim Cook had refused to adhere to the order that was released by the court pertaining to the unlocking of the iPhone that was found as evidence from the San Bernardino shooting crime scene, the chances are that Cook could be held responsible for defying the order of the court. This can lead up to him facing some time in Jail.

Tim Cook May Face Jail Time Due To Refusal Of Cooperating With FBI

As per what was told to Fast Company by Peter Fu, the company’s attorney, this situation may arise if the case was taken to the US Supreme Court and in the event if Apple looses the case however still continues to refuse cooperating with the authorities.

Due to the fact that Apple had openly declared that they would not give in to the order of the court for the unlocking of the iPhone, in such a case, the Supreme court may just go ahead and favour a punishment against Cook.

However, a national security law expert, Stephen Vladeck disagrees to the point. His take is that it is not Tim Cook as a person himself but it is the company that is refusing the order. There are two things that are presently being agreed upon, the first being that as of right now, as long as the company is contesting the case, it is safe. Another aspect is that if the company will defy the ruling of the Supreme Court, it can result in them facing a substantial fine amount.

Though the company’s stand is being strongly backed up, nobody knows what is waiting in case the company loses in the Supreme Court. Would it still have to comply with the order even though it does not want to, or still stand by what they say. This is something that only time can tell.

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