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Sleep Number Announces Apple iPhone-Connected ‘IT’ Wise Mattress

The company Sleep Number has been a player in the smart bed market for quite some time now, its many products use the SleepIQ technology that helps customers get better sleep than before. At CES 2016 the company has announced a new bed, called the “IT” bed, according to the company the bed will make its customers “smarter, healthier and happier.”

The “IT” will have biometric sensors like other Sleep Number beds, but it will also have advanced features like the ActiveComfort technology. It will use the data that the bed’s biometric sensors have collected, to suggest various recommendations to the customer. Such as the customer’s perfect level of firmness, comfort and support needed each day. The suggestions can be applied via the SleepIQ app on their iPhones.
The SleepIQ API will make it easier for connecting various other metrics and tracking services that can function synergistically with the IT bed, and help make advanced suggestions like the perfect times to sleep, and diet based sleep patterns. IT also connects with the user’s iPhone via Bluetooth and helps make better personalized suggestions.

The price for the IT bed is from $1000 per piece, and it will be available for purchase in Summer 2016, in all standard mattress sizes.

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