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LifeFuel’s Apple iPhone-Connected Water Bottle Tracks Water and Supplement Intake

At the CES, the company LifeFuel has launched its first product. It is an iPhone-connected water bottle that is capable of dispensing flavors and supplements, while also taking careful note of the intake of each. The bottle has small buttons along with a small display which aids in the dispensation of the flavors and supplements.
The product has been named “The Smart Nutrition Bottle”. It is similar to a protein shaker but it can also hold five separate single ounce “FuelPods” that can hold 30 servings per ounce. The product has a single day long battery life, and it also charges wirelessly. The FuelPods can contain either vitamins, like calcium, zinc or iron, or even water flavors like coffee or coconut. It also can hold supplements, like pre-workouts, protein and sleep aids. The pods have been created in partnership with Complete Nutrition, Trace Minerals, SweetLeaf and Christopher Bean.

The pods can be activated for release by the display screen on the bottle, or by the an iPhone that is connected to it by Bluetooth. The app is capable of tracking water intake as well as supplement and vitamin intake. The statistics can be synchronized with apps like Apple Health, MyFitnessPal and Fitbit. The drawback in this product is that the FuelPods are only available on the LifeFuel site, and nowhere else.
The product has sold the first round of pre ordered lineup. It will be available for sale in late 2016.

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