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For Scaling up Production, Reliability Director of Apple Hired by Tesla

Some of the hi tech products that are said to be reliable and are available out there, it has been accepted that the shipment is done by Apple apart from a few exceptions which are said to be high profile. Well this is what you can believe as per the reports of customer satisfaction, however, in that department, for Tesla, it seems to be that things are a little murkier considering the age is said to be relatively early.

For Scaling up Production, Reliability Director of Apple Hired by Tesla

Last year, the recommendations that were made by Consumer Reports had been pulled in regards to the Tesla Model S which cited the reliability issues which was said to be worse than the average. Last year, the very same thing became one of the top priorities of Tesla. Significant improvements had been made by the automaker on this front. This was said to be seen evident through the replacement rates that are declining for the major components and all thanks to a growing teat team which is reliable.

Now it seems to be that for the team, a new leader has been found by Tesla by hiring the Reliability Engineering Director of Apple, David Erhart this is what was learnt by Electrek. Apart from that, there was also word that from Apple, Tesla also has plans to hire the Global Creative Director. It is said also believed that Erhart joined earlier in the week and is said to be the Sr. Director of Reliability and Test as he heads the executive team of the automaker.

The sources who are familiar with the reliability efforts of Tesla stated that over the last year, there has been an increase in the recruitment of staff by adding on 40 employees who are full time. On the team, even data scientist had been added by Tesla.

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