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Shocking Move! Apple Agrees With Trump, Foxconn Shocked

Apple is really pressurized here, they are in deep trouble. This unthinkable step can create numerous problems; Apple’s internal team has given that a chance. Foxconn received the first shock recently; they have no solution for this. The company studied many possibilities, production costs are being calculated. United States will get tremendous traffic; the initial problems can be handled. “Nikkei Asian” knows the Asian market, they are a reliable source.

Shocking Move! Apple Agrees With Trump, Foxconn Shocked

China got the bragging rights for manufacturing exceptional and cheap products, America is sure to take that place. Assembling reduced some costs; components will also be from USA. This is Trump’s “smartest” move, he will revive a country.

The economy is so bad that it needs a significant boost from country policies. Terry Gou was not that enthusiastic, he pointed out genuine problems. Pegatron agreed with Foxconn on this thing, they just hated Trump. Money will go from their pockets, analysts are totally sure about it. Apple is looking for a cheap supplier; this can hamper their relationship with Foxconn. USA has plenty of places; workforce will also not be a barrier. Companies need to put the country fast; this should have been done long ago. The political influence is really disastrous, Apple has admitted that.

Foxconn can’t risk so much, they want a favorable solution. Pegatron simply moved out, they care about their own customer base. This is their personal decision, Apple can’t force them. This is beyond Pegatron’s limit, they will remain silent. Trump has sent his message to every big company; he will not treat any of them differently. The elites can get personal benefits from them; Trump has enough money to fuel his machine. Tim addressed this matter, he raised valid points. Low wages never attracted Apple; they always prefer the best skills. China’s major focus is manufacturing, they have some plans lined up.

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